Thursday, September 22, 2011

there's a wall around my heart.

Welcome to day 10:  something I made! ♥

I debated what to share.
I've made quite a few things lately... not all good, but not all bad.

I decided on my summer landscaping project.
Also known as the driveway straightening/rock wall project.
But it was also called a few other choice things...
But I digress.

Our drive was curved so we cut off part of the lawn to straighten it.
(Basically, the darker color dirt in the drive is where there use to be lawn.)
We cut out pieces sod and transferred them to an old garden bed we were looking to turn into lawn again.

Garden area, before and after laying sod.

This project was suppose to be a Jeff and I project.
He helped mark the lawn with spray paint so we knew where to cut.
And he helped sod and dig the first 6 feet or so.
The rest fell to me.
And then his mom came to visit and helped out immensely with all the digging!
God love her!

The rock wall was put together using only rocks we already had on the property.
It was a challenge.
I love puzzles though, and that's basically what it was.
(And to be fair, Jeff did help build the first 10 feet of wall and bits and pieces further on.)
I love how it came out.
There is some talk of adding (purchased) cap-stones to make it more uniform with cleaner lines.
We shall see.

And here's a glimpse of my next project:

New triangular garden patch.
Smiles, all around!
After I added my herbs from the veggie garden and some lavender from another garden along the house (that is going away).
I've since added mums and my blueberry bushes.
Irises tomorrow?

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