Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've got my head in the clouds...

30 Day Photog Challenge
Day 3:  Clouds

First, I totally forgot to take any pictures of clouds.
So I had to go do it today.
In a rush.
Accepting whatever random cloud happened to be floating up there.
It was quite a shock to realize how much I love taking pictures of clouds!
I am not a landscape photographer.
I take after my mum, I like pictures of people.
Or animals.
While I can appreciate a great picture of a pile of rocks,
I am not motivated to take pictures of them myself.
Or to invest the time to get GOOD at taking said pictures.
But I couldn't just pick one snap for this day.

Now wasn't that fun?
If I go missing for hours at a time...
I may be out taking cloud pictures.

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