Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knicker Bocker Bear

30 Day Photog Challenge
Day 6:  Childhood Memory

Meet Mr. Knicker Bocker Bear.
I ♥ him.
A lot.

It shows.
His nose is ripped and frayed.
His head has been re-attached several different times.
And very inexpertly I might add.
I still think he's the most gorgeous thing.

I was a painfully shy child.
(Sometimes I am a painfully shy adult, but I digress.)
I use to get lost all the time because I was too shy to ask for help.
I once wet my pants in the 1st grade because I was afraid to interrupt the teacher to get permission.
I cried on the school bus when someone other than my sisters sat with me.
Once I got so upset, the bus driver let me off at the jr. high, and my parents were called to come get me.
Ok, I think you get the idea.

Mr. Knicker Bocker was my best friend growing up.
He always made me feel better.
He never minded that I was a socially awkward mess.
He loved me for who I really was.
The me the big wide world rarely saw.
He's always been with me.
Even at 40 years of age, he has a special spot in my home...
and my heart.

I often pray my children don't have the same shyness I did.
That I can raise them to be braver and bolder and just plain happier that I was.
If not, I know my daughter for one has a special friend all picked out.

Meet Mr. C.T. Bear.
He's well on his way to being aggressively loved.
I ♥ him too.

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