Thursday, September 29, 2011

Insert "fall" pun here.

Day 13:  From a Distance
(at least I think it's from a distance...)

I made a fall wreath for my door.
It was suppose to be a summer wreath.
I had it all ready to go in the spring and then somehow I talked myself out of making it.
I thought it wouldn't work out right.
Then I decided to just go for it in the fall when I rediscovered the wreath wring in the gardening box.
I picked out some fall colored fabrics from the stash, and
"from a distance" it looks like this:

But here's a close up too.
And an extreme close up of the bunting.
Sometimes I do these projects and I am amazed at how thick I can be.
I laid out the bunting letters and attached them to string with hot glue on the back side.
But I neglected to think about the fact they had to be backwards because of this.
So it said EMOCLEW when I turned it over!
Uh, duh.

And just 'cause here's what it looked like before I added the bunting and before the weather got to it and make it look a little limp and deflated.
I mean, understated and fabulous.
Happy Fall!

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