Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who's made U laugh today?

I love my kids.
They always make me laugh.

Today, my 4 y/o Ethan and I were talking weather preference.
I said, "I want summer",
to which Ethan replied, "I want winter."
(Oh, ornery age 4!)
So I ask Ava, at almost 2 y/o, "how about you?"
She says, "I want cookies."
Um, me too.
Then over lunch Ethan and I were discussing cheese.
Specifically, types of cheese and what he wanted.
He says, "I want who cheese."
(I don't know what "who cheese" is,
but I trust he does.)
I couldn't help myself though.
I replied, "You're too young for hoochies."

And lastly, on the drive home from Target,
where I resisted the cutest pair of wedges, thank you very much,
a "Shake&Go" car went off in the back seat.
If you don't know, it revs.
Low and kind of gravelly.
I started freaking out.
Why is my car making that sound?  What is going on?
Then the toy says, "speed?  I am speed."
The light bulb goes on.
I am so dumb.  :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Green with Envy

I painted one of our bathrooms!
It use to look like this...
 Hello, boring little bathroom!
(loves the tp roll on back of the potty - classy.)
After a lot of debate...
And I mean years worth...
I settled on Botanical Green.
Hold on to your hats!!
Hello, Luscious Green!!
Okay, I have to admit,
when it first went up,
I was nervous.
Really nervous.
Like am I really going to have to paint this bathroom white next week kind of nervous.
But she grew on me.
And after a little of this:
And a lot of this:
Now instead of looking at this,
 suddenly we're looking at this:
So earthy and beautiful.
(but in the interest of full disclosure, it does give one's skin a disconcerting hue.  Maybe not such a good color for the vanity mirror.  My little boys don't care... green is awesome!!) 
I have an art project planned for the walls.
But, another day. 
Now all I need is a cute little window over the throne to let in some natural light.
Baby steps, baby steps.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mind Melt

So I was going to attempt a post today.
I figured it was time.
And just as a opened up a new post,
Don't ya know it!  I remembered...
I'm suppose to make beef stew for supper...
In the crock pot...
Should've been done 2 hours ago...
Dang it!
So this post will have to wait for another day.
But on the plus side, I am in the middle of painting,
and if I wait another day, I might actually be able to show you what I'm doing.
But to be real, this is me still.
I do things on my own timetable.
(Don't rush me.)