Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Golden Oldies

30 Day Photog Challenge
Day 5 - Someone you ♥

Well, talk about a no brainer.
This is one of my favorite candid shots of my kids.

My crazy beans!
And yes, I suppose I could put a shot of J here as well.
If only I had a good shot.
Or a recent good shot.
See, the thing with J is that he's been ill the last 3 years.
The docs have been stumped.
They have settled on fibromyalgia for a diagnosis.
I still don't know if I agree with that.
But I do know that recent snaps of J reveal his misery.
He looks tired and in pain.
He rarely smiles in them and if he does it's one of those forced smiles.
Those smiles make me sad.
I use to make myself crazy trying to help him feel better.
But over time I've come to realize if he doesn't want to do the work to feel better, any efforts on my part are fruitless, hopeless, and utterly useless.
I wish he knew how much we all miss him.
But all is not lost.
Sometimes we still get a flash in the pan.

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