Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 5 year hair experiment...

So, when I turned 35, I hatched a plan...

I've always felt that women over 40 look better with short hair.
Don't get me wrong,
I don't mean short, butch I almost look like I could be a boy short.
I mean shoulder length or shorter.
Short and sassy!
SO, when I turned 35, I had really short hair.
Like this:
I thought "This is it, girl.  In five more years, you won't look so hot with long hair. You better do it now... if you ever want long hair again."
So I embarked on the 5 Year Hair Experiment:
Grow it as long as I could before I turned 40, then CHOP it!!
It got pretty long.
There was a "just a trim" disaster incident,
where my sister trimmed an inch or so off the under layer only to drop down the upper layer and...
yikes!  There was a 6 inch difference!!
(note to self:  get your hair trimmed MUCH more often!)
So 6 inches came off maybe 6 months before my 40th bday.
Here I am the weekend before my 40th:
The last two weeks were torture.
It wouldn't do anything!!
I wore it in a pony tail or bun the whole time and FRIZZY!
Hello, brillo pad.
So glad to make the trip to see my sis and say Sayonara!!
It still needs a few tweaks.
I want it shorter in the back and less of a bob look.
And I need to color it RED!
But seriously, hello short and sassy!!
(In the interest of full disclosure, I did freak out for about a week.  It was a big change!  I'm not saying I cried, but it was close.)

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