Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who's made U laugh today?

I love my kids.
They always make me laugh.

Today, my 4 y/o Ethan and I were talking weather preference.
I said, "I want summer",
to which Ethan replied, "I want winter."
(Oh, ornery age 4!)
So I ask Ava, at almost 2 y/o, "how about you?"
She says, "I want cookies."
Um, me too.
Then over lunch Ethan and I were discussing cheese.
Specifically, types of cheese and what he wanted.
He says, "I want who cheese."
(I don't know what "who cheese" is,
but I trust he does.)
I couldn't help myself though.
I replied, "You're too young for hoochies."

And lastly, on the drive home from Target,
where I resisted the cutest pair of wedges, thank you very much,
a "Shake&Go" car went off in the back seat.
If you don't know, it revs.
Low and kind of gravelly.
I started freaking out.
Why is my car making that sound?  What is going on?
Then the toy says, "speed?  I am speed."
The light bulb goes on.
I am so dumb.  :)


  1. That's hilarious!.. and by-the-way- YES it makes me totally jealous you can french braid!!! ;-) thanks visiting my blog... OH and, love that green in your bathroom!


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