Monday, March 21, 2011

Green with Envy

I painted one of our bathrooms!
It use to look like this...
 Hello, boring little bathroom!
(loves the tp roll on back of the potty - classy.)
After a lot of debate...
And I mean years worth...
I settled on Botanical Green.
Hold on to your hats!!
Hello, Luscious Green!!
Okay, I have to admit,
when it first went up,
I was nervous.
Really nervous.
Like am I really going to have to paint this bathroom white next week kind of nervous.
But she grew on me.
And after a little of this:
And a lot of this:
Now instead of looking at this,
 suddenly we're looking at this:
So earthy and beautiful.
(but in the interest of full disclosure, it does give one's skin a disconcerting hue.  Maybe not such a good color for the vanity mirror.  My little boys don't care... green is awesome!!) 
I have an art project planned for the walls.
But, another day. 
Now all I need is a cute little window over the throne to let in some natural light.
Baby steps, baby steps.

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  1. Great choice. So bright and energizing.


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