Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilts, quilts, quilts

Well, this week I've been mostly pouring all my creative energy into scrapbooking,
BUT  I did want to share some quilting projects I've done in the past.
(I have two matching quilts for the boys room in the planning stages.)

The first is the Sister's Quilt.
 (Meet Jaycee, the sweetest kitty ever.)
The concept of this quilt was to work with a group and each do a section of each others quilt.
But you couldn't see your quilt again until the end!!
I have seven sisters so that was my group.
You start with a 12X12 center square that you produce,
then you pass it on and someone else does the next portion.
Each addition had a theme of some sort,
like triangles or stars and stripes or something pretty.
This is how mine ended up.
I love it.
A little too much.
(It needs some serious TLC.)

Quilt #2.

I did this one by myself, but it was a sister project though.
One of my sister's sent out 2 quilt blocks every month.
Your quilt was made by crafting 2 versions of each block.
So every sister that made one, has a quilt with all the same quilt square patterns.
 I wanted to use black/grey in each square,
and the rainbow radiating from the center grew on it's own.
I love how bold it is.
And there are a lot of details I love.
And I used a wool blanket inside instead of batting so it's really warm!

And finally, Baby Hugs and Kisses Quilt.

I made this one for my daughter.
I found the idea for X's and O's on the web, 
and just did all the figuring to make it the size I wanted.
It came out a little too short, but not bad for my first free-hand quilt.
 (Little Miss Ava!!  ♥)


  1. Love the title of your blog. What talent you have -- the quilts are so beautiful.


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