Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How many video game systems do you own?

I am a video game widow.
I know I am not the only girl in this position.
Or guy, for that matter.

If you have no idea what I am talking about,
YOU are so lucky.

There's no stopping this thing...
He surrounds himself with people who encourage it.
Gamer friends and family who buy game systems as gifts!
He got a gift certificate to the video game shop this year, and he spent some of it on points.

one of the kids accidentally spent almost all his points.
On a download add on to a game he doesn't even own!

Is it bad that I am trying not to laugh out loud?

Of course he had his little tiffy moment -
Even after I explained the kids weren't on the xbox all day yesterday!
It had to be the kids randomly pushing buttons or sitting on the dang remote,
A one in a million accident!!

Then before bed he imparts that at least it was a download for a game he actually wants to buy.

p.s.  The answer to that question is 7  in my household.
Yep, scary.


  1. you and me both girl. i pretty much hate video games at this point. ahh! PS: you're SO RIGHT about 18 months olds being hard to be patient with AND to just plain understand. he's so darn cute though, i guess i 'll keep him;)
    Yours Mine and Ours

  2. oh I feel you... 3 brothers and my husband... holy cow.


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